Veronese: Magnificence in Renaissance Venice

Event Date: 
19 Mar 2014 to 15 Jun 2014

Piers Baker-Bates reviews a new exhibition at the National Gallery.

The Culture of Early Modern Sussex

Paul Quinn explains a new HEIF-funded project which challenges assumptions about the county's history.

Strange Beauty: Masters of the German Renaissance

Event Date: 
19 Feb 2014 to 11 May 2014

Kim Woods reviews a new exhibition at the National Gallery in London.

A Gateway into Renaissance Genoa

Jane Stevens Crawshaw describes her research into the Genoese cityscape.

Open Access and Renaissance Studies: where are we?

Jennifer Richards lays out how the debate about Open Access (OA) has affected the Society and our journal Renaissance Studies.

Translating for the Commonwealth

Neil Rhodes explains the latest developments in the theory and practice of translation in Renaissance Studies.

Centering Spenser: A Digital Resource for Kilcolman Castle

Thomas Herron presents a new website which reconstructs Edmund Spenser's life, writing and castle complex at Kilcolman, County Cork, Ireland.

Plutarch's Nose and Contemporary Editing

Kevin Killeen discusses the role of the ‘Edition’ and how the availability of classical and renaissance texts online has changed the nature of our reading and research.


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