Study Fellowships

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Postgraduate Study Fellowships

Since 2006, the Society has funded Study Fellowships, to support travel or, in exceptional circumstances, other research expenses for projects undertaken in connection with doctoral theses in the field of Renaissance Studies.

The scheme is currently being revised. Please consult this page from 1 February 2018 for details.


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Recent recipients of SRS Study Fellowships:

2017: Taylor Aucoin, Desire Cappa, Jessica Dalton

2016: Katherine Fellows, Hanna Mazheika

2015: Jamie Cumby, Giacomo Giudi, Katarzyna Kosior

2014: Elizabeth Norton, Gillian Jack, Christine Knaack

2013: Giorgio Lizzul, Rachel Scott, David Yorath 

2012: Jacopo Gnisci, Victoria van Hyning

2011: Scott Jenkins, Lena Liapi, Christian Schneider

2010: Beatrice Mezzogori, Charlotte Panofré, Federico Zuliani

2009: Christiana Anderson, Jan Machielsen, Stefan Visnjevac

2008: Kurosh Meshkat, Varsha Panjwani, Rosa Salzberg, Eva Stamoulou

2007: Samuel Bibby, Catherine Fletcher, Rachel King, Jennifer Rampling

2006: Alex Bamji, Surekha Davies, Alexander Lee, Stephan Schmuck