Future Conferences

Mediating Climate Change

Event Date: 
04 Jul 2017 to 06 Jul 2017

University of Leeds


“Show thy queere substance”: The Queer, the Early Modern and the Now

Event Date: 
07 Jul 2017 to 08 Jul 2017

Department of English, Linguistics and Cultural Studies, University of Westminster

Complaints and Grievances, 1500-1750

Event Date: 
10 Jul 2017 to 11 Jul 2017

Reading Conference in Early Modern Studies

Shakespeare and European Theatrical Cultures: AnAtomizing Text and Stage

Event Date: 
27 Jul 2017 to 30 Jul 2017

European Shakespeare Research Association

University of Gdańsk and The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, Poland

Registration is now OPEN.

Please follow the link https://tinyurl.com/ESRA2017 to register.

The Cultural Impact of the Reformation

Event Date: 
07 Aug 2017 to 11 Aug 2017



International, interdisziplinary congress, Lutherstadt Wittenberg,


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