Past Lectures & Seminars

Annual Lecture - 2012

Event Date: 
04 May 2012

Professor Andrew Hadfield (University of Sussex), 'The Lost Years of Edmund Spenser'

Annual Lecture - 2011

Event Date: 
06 May 2011

Professor Alison Brown (Royal Holloway): 'Reading Lorenzo's Correspondence: Lorenzo de' Medici, his Letters and their late editor, F.W. Kent.'

Annual Lecture - 2010

Event Date: 
07 May 2010

Dr Lorne Campbell (National Gallery, London), 'Rogier van der Weyden and Tapestry Design'

Annual Lecture - 2009

Event Date: 
08 May 2009

Professor Sidney Anglo (University of Wales): Keeping it in the frame: recording and planning movement in Renaissance Europe

Annual Lecture - 2008

Event Date: 
02 May 2008

Professor Deborah Howard (University of Cambridge): 'Settings for Music in Venetian Monastic Churches'