Warburg Institute Funded Research Fellowships

The Warburg Institute is offering four long-term Fellowships for the 2019/20 academic year for either nine or twelve month periods and ten short-term Fellowships available for two, three or four month periods. These awards enable scholars to undertake a period of research in intellectual, cultural or art history at the Warburg Institute. Applicants must already have a PhD in hand at the time of applying in order to be eligible.

The Pulter Project

Wendy Wall (Northwestern University) and Leah Knight (Brock University) are pleased to announce a new open-access resource for exploring the fascinating verse of Hester Pulter (1605-1678): 


The Pulter Project: Poet in the Making



Summer Course for the Study of the Arts in Flanders

Event Date: 
23 Jun 2019 to 03 Jul 2019

Call for applications


Annually, the Summer Course brings a select group of 18 national and international, highly qualified young researchers to Flanders (Belgium). They are offered an intensive 11-day programme of lectures, discussions, and visits related to a specific art historical period of Flemish art. The Summer Course provides the participants with a clear insight into the Flemish art collections from the period at hand, as well as into the current state of research on the topic.


New Book Series: Scientiae Studies

The major premise of the Scientiae Studies series is that knowledge during the early modern period was pre-disciplinary, and that, similarly, theories and practices, confronted with a rapidly growing body of new objects, had yet to be separated into their modern ‘scientific’ conf

New Book Series - Monsters and Marvels: Alterity in the Medieval and Early Modern Worlds

This series is dedicated to the study of cultural constructions of difference, abnormality, the monstrous, and the marvelous from multiple disciplinary perspectives, including the history of science and medicine, literary studies, the history of art and architecture, philosophy, gender studies, disability studies, c

New Book Series: Food Culture, Food History (13th- 19th centuries)

The history and culture of food has been the object of wide-ranging methodological approaches: literary, cultural, economic, and material, to name just a few. The expanding interest that food has elicited in the past few decades confirms the importance of a field that is still very much in the making, while it conti

New Book Series: Cultures of Play, 1300-1700

Cultures of Play, 1300-1700 provides a forum for investigating the full scope of medieval and early modern play, from toys and games to dramatic performances, from etiquette manuals and literary texts to bulls and tractates, from jousting to duels, and from education to early scientific investigation. Inspi

New Book Series: Early Modern Court Studies

The early modern court in Europe was a political and cultural powerhouse and a hotbed of confessional intrigue, factional rivalry and international diplomacy. With a potent confluence of power, prestige and capital, the court set the tone for cultural innovation and fashions, provided for large numbers of people in food, board, wages and/or perquisites, wh


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