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#SRS2016: Guidelines for Twitter at the SRS Conference

Twitter is a great medium to involve people who are not physically present in our dialogues; one aim of live tweeting at a conference is to let these people follow our ideas and join in or create a conversation about these ideas if they so wish. Some scholars, however, are not comfortable with broadcasting the ideas they formulate as a conference paper so widely before committing them to publication, or are concerned their ideas can be misrepresented in other people’s tweets; it is important that we take such concerns into account. Any speaker who does not want to be tweeted can make this be known at any time. We will be advising chairs of the individual sessions to double-check with speakers whether they are comfortable with being tweeted.

Before Shakespeare: Call for Bloggers

The Before Shakespeare website is now live and we would be pleased to hear of any proposals for 500-1000 word blog posts on the early years of the playhouses (up to around 1595). Inquiries or proposals can be sent to

Funded PhD Opportunity in History at Swansea & the National Portrait Gallery

AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnership Studentship: 'Redeeming Death': Mortality, Portraiture, and the Quest for Salvation in Tudor England and Wales

The National Portrait Gallery London – Swansea University

PhD Funding Opportunities in Early Modern History at the University of Limerick

The deadline for applications is 29th April 2016. Applications should be submitted via email to the Department of History Administrator at


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