Call for papers, AHA 2016: Women & Diplomatic Culture in Early Modernity

Organizers:  Silvia Z. Mitchell & Erika Gaffney


Abstracts are invited for papers about "Women & Diplomatic Culture in Early Modernity," for a possible SSEMW Co-Sponsored Session at the American Historical Association's annual meeting in Atlanta in January 2016.


We seek papers from a range of disciplines -- including, but not limited to, history, art history, literary studies, court studies, and historical geography -- which address the nexus between early modern women and diplomacy in any geographical region or culture, during the time period c. 1400-1700.  Papers might focus on:


  • Women as diplomats
  • Wives of diplomats, as effecting or affected by diplomatic culture 
  • Servants, landladies, courtesans, or other roles women may take in the context of a diplomatic entourage
  • Dynastic diplomatic cultures
  • Women and gift-giving practices
  • Female diplomatic networks (royal and aristocratic marriages, letter writing, gift exchanges, diplomatic visits)
  • Female diplomatic spaces: courts, households, convents
  • Fashion and diplomacy


Abstracts (up to 300 words) for papers 20 minutes in length should be submitted by January 13, 2015, by email, to Silvia Mitchell ( and Erika Gaffney (



Submission date for papers: 
13 Jan 2015