Cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of knowledge-making in the early modern world (1450-1800)

Event Date: 
14 Oct 2017


With the support of the London Arts & Humanities Partnership (LAHP), the Dr Williams Library (London) will host a student-led interdisciplinary conference on the overlap, cross-fertilisation, and collaborative potential between the Humanities and Social Sciences across studies on the history of knowledge-making in the early modern world (1450-1800), 14th October 2017.


The conference is open to all PhD candidates from any department within Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences in the United Kingdom.


Submissions with studies of knowledge-making in the early modern world (1450-1800) from a wide range of fields are welcome, such as Legal, Political, Social, Cultural, Intellectual, Environmental and Economic History; Global, Imperial and World History; History of Science, Medicine and Technology; Literary Theory; History of Art, Anthropology and Sociology; Cultural and Historical Geography; Gender and Queer Studies. We particularly encourage topics that highlight the circulation and transmission of knowledge in the period, including but not limited to:

  • Visual knowledge and spatial representation
  • Natural philosophy, Botany, Mathematical sciences
  • Languages
  • Ethnography
  • Religion and Jurisprudence
  • Colonialism and imperialism
  • Political and economic thought


The aims of the conference are to deepen the understanding of how a certain type of cross-disciplinarity already characterised knowledge-making along cultural encounters in an expanding world from c.1415 onwards; to highlight how PhD students use cross-disciplinary approaches to better understand their primary sources and the contemporary intellectual framework within which their research is situated; and to promote similar events and future collaborations among the panellists and the audience.


How to submit your proposal:


Proposals for papers should be submitted using the online form by 7th July 2017 and include a maximum 300-word abstract, in English, for a 20-minute paper. (Link to the online form: All candidates will be notified by 31st July 2017. Attendance is free of charge.


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Submission date for papers: 
07 Jul 2017