Early modern studies in Scotland Seminar: Myth, Literature and Politics, 1500-1700

Event Date: 
16 May 2015

Saturday 16th May, 1-5pm, Glasgow University, 4 University Gardens, Room 202.

Session 1: 1.00-2.00

Emma Buckley (St Andrews) 'William Gager's Dido (1583): Academic Text and Political Context'.

Paul Innes (Glasgow) ‘Founding Rome, founding Britain: Shakespeare’s Encounter with Dido and Aeneas’.

Session 2: 2.15-3.15

Simon Kay (St Andrews) ‘National Myths and Political Truths: The 16th Century French Epic’.

Steven Reid (Glasgow) ‘Scotland’s Forgotten Latin Past: an Overview of the ‘Bridging the Continental Divide’ Project’.

Session 3: 3.40-5.00

Katherine Heavey (Glasgow) ‘ 'the Ruin of most flourishing Kingdoms': Medea as Political Example in Early Modern England’.

Syrithe Pugh (Aberdeen): ‘Political Gigantomachies in Milton and Spenser’.

Willy Maley (Glasgow) ‘Mythbusting Milton: the Iconoclastic History of Britain (1670)’.

To register please contact katherine.heavey@glasgow.ac.uk