Elizabeth I at 60

Event Date: 
04 Jun 2018

12:00-13:00, UCL Roberts Building, G06 lecture theatre


Helen Hackett & Karen Hearn, UCL English


In 1593, 425 years ago, Queen Elizabeth I celebrated her 60th birthday. What did she look like at 60? In modern screen representations the older Elizabeth is usually in a grotesque state of physical decay, with flaking white make-up, black teeth, and a garish orange wig. However, the visual and written evidence from the early 1590s is far richer and more complex than this. Using portraits, literature, and eye-witness accounts from the period, this session will investigate how the ageing Queen was viewed by her contemporaries, and will ask: can we discover the truth of what Elizabeth was like at 60? This session will be led by literary scholar Professor Helen Hackett and art historian Karen Hearn, Honorary Professor, UCL English.

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