HCAS Symposium: Early Modern Journeys: Practices and Everyday Experiences of Travel

Event Date: 
15 Oct 2015 to 16 Oct 2015

Why did early modern men and women travel? Why was travel polemical in this period? How was it a collective experience, shaped by cultural expectations, social standing, education or the traveller’s career aspitrations?

Taking into account both strong continuities and conjectural changes that affected travelling in the early modern period, the aim of this symposium is to rethink travel as an experience, its various forms and practices, and its social and cultural contexts before it was shaped and regulated by the modes of mass tourism and speedier transportation.

Our objective is to gain insight into how travel experiences were articulated and annotated in diverse literary and practical genres, and what types of new sources we could engage when writing new cultural histories of travel. Topics covered will include the encounter with exotic foods and foreign peoples, polemics surrounding travel, and the ways in which travel was fashioned, performed and given meaning in manuscripts, printed travelogues and drama.

Venue: Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Fabianinkatu 24 A, Seminar Room 136, Ground Floor.

Registration for this event is required but free of charge.

Organizer: Eva Johanna Holmberg

Co-organizers: Alexandra Grigorieva and Anu Raunio

For full details, including the programme and how to register online (by October 8), please visit