Heroism & Masculinity In Early Modern Spain

Event Date: 
10 Apr 2017 to 12 Apr 2017

AHGBI Cardiff

The Spanish Renaissance occasioned a questioning of what it meant to be a man, masculine, and, indeed, a hero. The intention of this panel is to bring together those scholars working in this field across the Golden Age as a whole through various media: poetry, prose, theatre, and art. Topics may include, but are not limited to:


  • atypical portrayals of heroes and heroism
  • the crisis of masculinity in the arts
  • the changing role of the warrior-poet
  • issues of gender, identity, and self–fashioning
  • the relationship between the individual, state, and nationhood
  • heroism and masculinity in mythology


Interested parties are invited to send a short abstract (c.250 words) to either Aislín Kearney <akearney10@qub.ac.uk> or P.J. Lennon <pjl47@cam.ac.uk> by October 1st 2016.

Submission date for papers: 
01 Oct 2016