The Material Culture of Religious Change and Continuity 1400-1600

Event Date: 
11 Apr 2017 to 12 Apr 2017



University of Huddersfield

Conference keynotes include:

Dr Nicolas BellTrinity College Cambridge, Library

Dr Glyn Davies, Curator at Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Professor Merry Wiesner-Hanks, Distinguished Professor at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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‌The conference organisers are:

Dr Sarah Bastow, History, University of Huddersfield

Dr Katherine Lewis, History, University of Huddersfield

Visual and material remains are tantalizing clues to the former glories of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. This is particularly the case for surviving religious material culture. Scholars from across many different disciplines have analysed these objects, buildings, and paraphernalia in an attempt to piece together the late medieval and early modern religious experience and the role religion played in daily life.

This conference brings together perspectives and research on religious objects from a range of disciplines and areas during the chaotic period from 1400 to 1600. Beginning – and continuing – a discussion that transcends traditional silos of discipline and time period will enable a more nuanced analysis of evidence.

Submission date for papers: 
15 Jul 2016