Music in the Mediterranean Diaspora

Event Date: 
18 May 2017 to 19 May 2017


Villa I Tatti-The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies (Via di Vincigliata 26, 50135 Florence, Italy)


One sea change in the study of European history is the growing interest in migration. Whereas earlier research tended to operate under the presumption that Early Modern society was largely autochthonous, historians are now exploring the patterns of travel, migration, pilgrimage, and slavery that disrupt such nationalistic claims to ethnic homogeneity. This interdisciplinary conference examines the circulation of music and musicians throughout the Mediterranean diaspora. It concentrates on music as a migratory frontrunner and privileges displacement as its critical lens with the specific aim of crystalizing new theoretical approaches to mobility. Across a series of contributions grounded in history, anthropology, demography, literature, and music, we ask how border-crossing histories can shift our critical appraisal of cultural production and, conversely, how the study of musical performance can help us sight instances of ethnic encounter, creolization, and cultural métissage that are otherwise difficult to trace.


Organizer: Kate van Orden (Harvard University)


Speakers: G. Baker, O. Bloechl, Ph. Canguilhem, S. Edwards, D. Fabris, G. Guerzoni, D. Irving, C. Kafadar, P. Memelsdorff, J. Savall, K. K. Shelemay, F. Spagnolo, K. van Orden, E. Wilbourne


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