Othello's Island Conference 2019

Event Date: 
15 Apr 2019 to 17 Apr 2019


The 7th annual interdisciplinary conference on Byzantine, medieval, renaissance and early modern art, literary, archaeological, historical and cultural studies, CVAR Research Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus.


Lead Academic Co-ordinator: Dr Michael Paraskos FRSA (Imperial College London, UK)


Academic Board: Dr Stella Achilleos (University of Cyprus, Cyprus); Jane Chick (University of East Anglia, UK); Prof. James Fitzmaurice (Northern Arizona University, USA); Prof. Lisa Hopkins (Sheffield Hallam University, UK); Dr Sarah James (University of Kent, UK); Dr Richard Maguire (University of East Anglia, UK); Dr Michael Paraskos (Imperial College London, UK); Dr Laurence Publicover (Bristol University, UK); Prof. David Rollo (University of Southern California, USA); Dr Rita Severis (CVAR, Cyprus); Dr Astrid Swenson (Brunel University London, UK)


The Academic Board for Othello's Island invites applications to present papers at the 6th edition of Othello's Island. This will take place in Nicosia, Cyprus, in April 2019.


We are interested in hearing papers on diverse aspects of Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance and early modern art, literature, history, society and other aspects of culture, and these do not have to be specifically related to Shakespeare, Cyprus or the Mediterranean.


It is worth looking at the range of papers from past conferences to see that previous speakers have covered topics ranging from slavery in medieval Cyprus and Malta, to the impact of Italian Renaissance art on Cypriot Byzantine painting, to the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf. And of course, Shakespeare is in the mix as well, along with other writers and artists of the Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern periods.


That said, given our location, Cyprus, the Levant and the Mediterranean do impact on the conference, not least because for anyone interested in medieval and renaissance history Cyprus is real gem, full of architectural and other material culture relating to the period. This includes museums filled with historic artefacts, gothic and Byzantine cathedrals and churches and a living culture that has direct links to this period. 


Othello's Island has developed a reputation as one of the most liberal minded and friendly medieval and renaissance studies conferences in the world today, and it is also genuinely interdisciplinary. In part this is due to the relatively small size of the event, which generates a true sense of community during the conference.


Deadline for submissions is 31 December 2018

For the full call for papers please visit www.othellosisland.org

Submission date for papers: 
31 Dec 2018