Political Violence and its Critics in the Early Modern Iberian Worlds

Event Date: 
02 Apr 2020 to 04 Apr 2020

Annual Conference of the Renaissance Society of America, Philadelphia


Organizers: Harald Braun (Liverpool University) and Fabien Montcher (Saint Louis University)


Abstract: This series of panels aims to draw out the many forms of political violence and the many responses to the experience of that violence in the early modern Iberian worlds during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Together the papers will serve to identify how discourses crafted by both perpetrators and victims created collective frameworks of reference in which political violence was conceptualized and criticized. We invite scholars to present papers that explore how the temporal, material and spatial dimensions associated with episodes of violence influenced the practice of political negotiations at different levels across the Iberian worlds. Departing from the analysis of the experiences of violence related to formal and informal diplomatic practices, the panels will stress the uses of the textual and visual dimensions of the testimonies of violence to analyze diverse strategies of political representations across the Iberian worlds. Papers that concentrate on the analysis of the socio-economic environments in which political violence and criticism were engineered and administrated are particularly welcome. The Iberian framework of this panel series aims to establish useful comparisons across the diverse societies and jurisdictions that composed the Iberian worlds by taking into account the heterogeneity of these worlds as well as their entanglements with other early modern political powers and societies. These series will be structured around the following three thematic panels: 


1) Practices and Uses of Violence.

2) Testimonies and Communication of Violence.

3) Representations and Spaces of Violence.



Each contributor will provide a paper title (15-word maximum), an abstract (150-word maximum), a CV (.pdf or .doc upload, no longer than 5 pages), a PhD completion date (past or expected), a full name, an updated current affiliation, and an email address. Applications and inquiries need to be sent to Harald Braun (H.E.Braun@liverpool.ac.uk) and Fabien Montcher (fabien.montcher@slu.edu).


Deadline for submission: July 20, 2019 (all panels depend on final approval by the RSA).

Submission date for papers: 
20 Jul 2019