The Relation of Literature and Learning to Social Hierarchy in Early Modern Europe

Event Date: 
24 Jan 2018


The following seminars will be held at 2.00pm (ending by 3.30pm) in Hilary Term 2018 in the Wharton Room, All Souls College, Oxford. Sessions are on Wednesdays except the second, which is on a Monday. There will be two papers per session.


All very welcome.                                   Convenor: Neil Kenny []


24 January  

TIFFANY STERN (The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham): Puppets, Bibelots, and

Ballad-sheets: Literature as Artefact in Early Modern Europe


PHIL WITHINGTON (University of Sheffield): Reading, Writing, and Social Practice in

Early Modern England


5 February

JENNY OLIVER (St John’s College, Oxford): The Building of Knowledge and the Building of

Society: Montaigne’s bastiment


CATHERINE RICHARDSON (University of Kent): Assessing the Learning of the Early Modern

English Middling Sort: Material and Textual Sources


21 February 

RAPHAËLE GARROD (University of Cambridge): It Takes One to Know One: Erasmian Ingenuity and the (Un)making of Scholarly Communities


ISABELLE MOREAU (École Normale Supérieure, Lyon): Amazons, Idlers, and the Republic of Letters


7 March         

NEIL KENNY (All Souls College, Oxford): Literature, Learning, and the Family Function

(La Croix du Maine, Scévole de Sainte-Marthe)



IAN MACLEAN (All Souls College, Oxford):

The Social Status of Publishers in Europe (1560–1630) and Their Place in the World of Learning