The Relation of Literature and Learning to Social Hierarchy in Early Modern Europe 3

Event Date: 
22 Feb 2017

The following sessions will be held at 2.00pm (ending by 3.30pm) in Hilary Term 2017 in the Wharton Room,

All Souls College, Oxford.

Sessions are on Wednesdays except the second, which is on a Monday. There will be two papers per session.


All very welcome.                                                      Convenor: Neil Kenny []


25 January  

NEIL KENNY (All Souls College, Oxford): Family Literature & Social Hierarchy in Early Modern France

CERI SULLIVAN (Cardiff University):How Early Modern Private Prayer Develops Dramatic Techniques in Empathy, Across Rank

& Occupation


6 February     

RICHARD McCABE (Merton College, Oxford): Literary Patronage and Hierarchy

LISA SAMPSON (UCL): Learning and Theatre in the Italian Academies


22 February 

EMMA CLAUSSEN (New College, Oxford): The [In]dignity of words: Learning to be politique in Sixteenth-Century France

SUE WISEMAN (Birkbeck, University of London): Wheatcroft’s Written World: Elite and Non-Elite in Seventeenth-Century

English Writing


8 March         

JOHN O'BRIEN (Durham University): Book Collecting, Social Connections and a Sense of the Past: The Tabourot Family

BRODIE WADDELL (Birkbeck, University of London): God, Money and Posterity: The Uses of Writing Among Tradesmen in

Early Modern England

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