Renaissance Studies Latest Issue (September 2018)

The latest issue of Renaissance Studies (Vol 32, no. 4, September 2018) is now available on-line via the Wiley-Blackwell website.



  • Thinaut Maus de Rolley, 'Of oysters, witches, birds, and anchors: conceptions of space and travel in Pierre de Lancre' (pages 530-546)
  • Ovanes Akopyan, '"Princeps aliorum" and his followers: Giovanni Pico della Mirandola on the "Astrological Tradition" in the Disputationes' (pages 547-564)
  • Ariadna García‐Bryce, 'Politic sacrifice in Lucrecia y Tarquino' (pages 565-582)
  • Ezra Horbury, 'Performing repentance: (in)sincerity in prodigal son drama and the Henry IVs' (pages 583-601)
  • Danielle Callegari and Shannon McHugh, 'Playing papal politics: senatorial and monastic allies in early modern Bologna' (pages 602-618)
  • Whitney B. Taylor, 'Breathing space: the inspired ecosystem of Paradise Lost' (pages 619-637)
  • Béla Jozsef Demeter, 'Reappriaising Piero di Cosimo's serpents: the role of vipers in Renaissance Florence' (pages 638-659)


Book Reviews

  • Helen Smith: Kate van Orden, Materialities: Books Readers, and the Chanson in Sixteenth-Century Europe. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2015. SRS Book Prize Winner, 2016 (pages 660-661)
  • Nina Lamel: Miguel Martinez, Front Lines: Soldiers' Writing in the Early Modern Hispanic World. Philadelphia: University of Philadelphia Press, 2016 (pages 662-663)
  • Lara Dodds: Peter Edwards and Elspeth Graham, eds., Authority, Authorship and Aristocratic Identity in Seventeenth-Century England: William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle, and his Political, Social, and Cultural Connections. Leiden: Brill, 2017 (pages 663-665)
  • Annamaria Valent: Jodi Campbell, At the First Table: Food and Social Identity in Early Modern Spain. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2017(pages 665-667)
  • Michaël Green: Mara Van Der Lugt, Bayle, Jurieu, and the 'Dictionnair Historique et Critique'. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016 (pages 667-669)
  • Fern Insh: Catriona Murray, Imaging Stuart Family Politics: Dynastic Crisis and Continuity. London and New York: Routledge, 2017 (pages 669-671)
  • Alison Searle: John J. McGavin and Greg Walker, Imagining Spectatorship: From the Mysteries to the Shakespearean Stage. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016 (pages 671-672)
  • James S. Amelang: Alistair Malcolm, Royal Favouritism and the Governing Elite of the Spanish Monarchy, 1640-1665. Oxford: Oxford Universiyt Press, 2017 (pages 673-674)


Review Essay

  • Kristine Johanson, 'Melancholy without the melancholy? New directions in early modern emotions' (pages 675-681)