Renaissance Studies Latest Issue (January 2019)

The latest issue of Renaissance Studies (Vol 33, no. 1, January 2019) is now available on-line via the Wiley-Blackwell website.



  • Luca Degl’Innocenti and Massimo Rospocher, 'Introduction', pages: 5-6
  • Luca Degl’Innocenti and Massimo Rospocher, 'Urban voices: The hybrid figure of the street singer in Renaissance Italy', pages: 17-41 
  • Juan Gomis, 'Pious voices: Blind Spanish prayer singers', pages: 42-63
  • Una McIlvenna, 'Chanteurs de rue, or street singers in early modern France', pages: 64-93 
  • Angela McShane, 'Political street songs and singers in seventeenth‐century England', pages: 94-118
  • Jeroen Salman, 'Frail echoes of singing in the streets. Tracing ballad sellers and their reputation in the Low Countries', pages: 119-135 
  • Henry Chriscinda, 'From beggar to virtuoso: The street singer in the Netherlandish visual tradition, 1500–1600', pages: 136-158