Performance and revelry in Rubens's St George and the Dragon

Event Date: 
17 Oct 2018

5-7pm, Room 307, Foster Court, UCL, Malet Place, LONDON, WC1E 7JE


Rubens's Landscape with St George and the Dragon has attracted critical interpretations from the time it was first displayed, probably prior to its completion, in 1630. This is not surprising as it represents Charles I of Great Britain in a heroic guise as St George freeing the princess and her people from the dragon. The painting continues to attract the attention of scholars but no substantial discussion has been offered for many years, in spite of its recent appearance in two London exhibitions, and a clamourous debate about  Charles's relationship to his people and to the arts. This paper offers a new interpretation of the painting and its place in the cultural politics of Caroline Britain. 


The painting was on show at the recent Royal Academy exhibition on Charles I (27 January — 15 April 2018)


With Dr Nick Grindle, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL Arena Centre for Research-based Education