Old St Paul’s and Culture: A Symposium

Event Date: 
15 Jul 2017

St Paul’s Cathedral, London, hosted by the University of Sussex Centre for Early Modern and Medieval Studies

The annual CEMMS symposium will be held on 15 July 2017, in the Wren Suite at St Paul’s Cathedral. The symposium offers an opportunity to think broadly about the significance of Old St Paul’s Cathedral and its surrounding area in medieval and early modern England. Speakers will cover a range of topics including sermons; drama and theatre companies; civic culture; ceremonies and ceremonial culture; theology; literature; and publishing and bookselling.


Organised by Shanyn Altman, Katrina Marchant-Stone and Nicole Mennell.


Supported by Sussex CEMMS and CHASE.


For further information, please visit https://oldstpaulsandculture.wordpress.com/

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