Writing Place in Early Modern England: State, Nation, Boundary

Event Date: 
23 Jun 2017 to 24 Jun 2017

Paris Early Modern Seminar & LRS Symposium

Keynes Library & 106, 43 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD

Organisers Line Cottegnies & Sue Wiseman. Event contact: s.wiseman@bbk.ac.uk


Friday 23 June (Room 106)


11am-12.30pm  Playing House? Houses, places and commonplaces


Louise Fang, Univ. Paris 3, ‘Writing ludic commonplaces for the early modern stage: the dramatic adaptation of the card-playing motif in Thomas Heywood’s A Woman Killed With Kindness’ 


Neil Kenny, Oxford, ‘Houses: places to inherit, inhabit, and imagine. Examples from early modern France’


Sarah O’Malley, Nottingham ‘“One can scarce distinguish New-England from Old”: Exploring representations of domestic space in England and its New World colonies’


12.30pm-1.30pm LUNCH


1.30pm-3.00pm Changing places / Writing places


Laetitia Sansonetti, Paris Nanterre, ‘Spatial and Textual Thresholds in Books II and III of The Faerie Queene


Joad Raymond, Queen Mary,‘What does Milton mean by aliena (/alienigena/exoticus/extraneus)?’


Lynn S. Meskill, Univ. Paris Diderot, ‘“Did Julius Caesar build that place?”: Place and Writing in Act III, Scene I of Richard III


3.00pm-3.30pm TEA


3.30pm-4.00pm PEMS/LRS Idea Groups


4.00pm-5.30pm Placing the self: home and away


Matthew Dimmock, University of Sussex, ‘Writing China on the Strand’

Ladan Niayesh, Paris Diderot, ‘From Travel Guide to Self-Discovery in Andrew Borde’s First Book of the Introduction of Knowledge (1547)‘


Anne Geoffroy, Univ. Versailles Saint-Quentin, ‘Writing Venice : James Howell’s Epistolae Ho-elianae


5.30pm WINE


Saturday 24 June (Keynes)


9.30am-11.00am Loci of thought  / Thinking with place


Christine Sukic, Reims,‘“What place is this? what ayre? what region?”: Locating Heroism on the Early Modern Stage’


Jemima Matthews, King’s College, ‘Writing in Place’


Ann Hughes, Emeritus Keele, 'Celebrating Naseby in London's streets, churches and gardens 19-21 June 1645'


11.00am-11.30am COFFEE


11.30pm-1.00pm Placing place and placing texts


Myriam-Isabelle Ducrocq, Univ. Paris Nanterre, ‘Harrington’s Republic: a Nowhere Land?’


Jennifer Allport Reid, Birkbeck, ‘He went and digd his deathbed in the Churchwall’: The Place of Death in Early Modern Folklore’

Paul Davis, University College, ‘Marvell and the Places of Manuscript’. 


1.00pm Line Cottegnies closing remarks

The London Renaissance Seminar (LRS) is a forum for the discussion of all aspects of early modern history, literature, and culture. It meets regularly at Birkbeck School of Arts, 43 Gordon Square. Anyone with an interest in the Renaissance is welcome and no registration is necessary.


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