Piers Baker-Bates: Rubinstein Fellow (2007-08)

Piers Baker-Bates studied Classics and History of Art at the University of Cambridge. He joined the Art History Department at the Open University in October 2008 as a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow and currently remains there as a Research Associate. 


His research interests are concerned with art and architecture at Rome during the period traditionally referred to as the ‘High Renaissance'. He is completing a book that will discuss the previously neglected Roman career of Sebastiano del Piombo and in particular the importance to his career of patrons from outside the city; as a result he has now become interested in discovering how Italian works of art were diffused throughout Europe in the sixteenth-century, with particular attention given to patterns of cultural interchange with Spain.


Major Publications

‘The idiosyncratic model of Sebastiano del Piombo', Bulletin of Renaissance Studies, XXIII, 1, October, 2005, 1-6.

‘A Re-discovered Drawing by Sebastiano del Piombo and the Dating of his Christ carrying the Cross', Paragone, LVI, 64 (669), November 2005, 63-67.

‘Between Italy and Spain: Cultural Interchange in the Roman Career of Sebastiano del Piombo', Renaissance Studies, 21, 2, April 2007, 254-65.

‘The Ubeda Pietà: Sebastiano del Piombo and Ferrante Gonzaga between Italy and Spain', Art Site and Spectacle Studies in Early Modern Visual Culture The Melbourne Art Journal, 9/10, 2007, 34-43.

‘The Bishop and the Artist: the quest for patronage in High Renaissance Rome', in Art and Identity in Early Modern Rome, ed. Jill Burke and Michael Bury, Ashgate, May 2008.

‘A portrait of Cardinal Pompeo Colonna: the rival and imitator of the Medicean Caesars', in Papers of the British School at Rome, 76, 2008, 741-42.