Central and Eastern Europe

HCAS Symposium: Early Modern Journeys: Practices and Everyday Experiences of Travel

Event Date: 
15 Oct 2015 to 16 Oct 2015

Why did early modern men and women travel? Why was travel polemical in this period? How was it a collective experience, shaped by cultural expectations, social standing, education or the traveller’s career aspitrations?

Northern Renaissance Seminar: Communication, Correspondence and Transmission in the Early Modern World

Event Date: 
12 May 2016 to 13 May 2016

The University of Leeds

It is a commonplace that the advent of printing in Europe revolutionised communication and the transmission of ideas. This Northern Renaissance Seminar event seeks to complicate and move beyond the “printing revolution” narrative to consider the messy and multiplicitous facets of communication, correspondence and transmission in the early modern world. How was it conceptualised, theorised or deployed as metaphor? What were its geographical, temporal or linguistic limits? How might it be transgressive or disruptive, and who might try to circumscribe it? We welcome contributions from a range of disciplines, including history, literature, art history, archaeology, languages, and drama.

Symposium 2015: Bloody Passions: Extreme Emotions in Early Modern Literature and Culture

Event Date: 
31 Oct 2015

Keynote speaker: Dr Bridget Escolme (QMUL)

Early modern literature is rife with bloody passions and extreme emotions, from the violent excesses of tragic drama to the passionate outpourings of sermons. Recent scholarship has considered individually the shifting interpretative grounds of passion, blood and emotion in this period. This one day symposium, hosted by the Centre for Studies in Literature at the University of Portsmouth, seeks to bring these areas of study into fruitful dialogue to consider the intersections of blood and passion in extreme emotions in early modern literature and culture. Through exploring the representation and effect of these intersections, the symposium will interrogate the construction and deconstruction of the inner and outer, physical and spiritual early modern subject.

Postdoctoral Research Associates (Remembering the Reformation)

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Associate (three-year fixed term appointment). This post will begin on 1 January 2016 and run until 31 October 2018.


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