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Seminar: The Relation of Literature and Learning to Social Hierarchy in Early Modern Europe

The following sessions will be held at 2.00p.m. (ending by 3.30p.m.) in Hilary Term 2015 in All Souls College, Oxford (except for the first two sessions -- their time and location are different). There will normally be two papers per session.


SRS 4th Annual Welsh Lecture 2015

Event Date: 
26 Mar 2015

Alec Ryrie (Durham University): Faith, Doubt and the Problem of "Atheism" in Early Modern Britain.

TECHNE Doctoral Students at the University of Roehampton

AHRC Studentships are available at the University of Roehampton through the TECHNE Doctoral Training Partnership. Each scholarship includes maintenance and fees for three years for a full-time student, or for five years for a part-time student.

Cannibalism in the Early Modern Atlantic

Event Date: 
15 Jun 2015 to 16 Jun 2015

Call For Papers: Cannibalism in the Early Modern Atlantic

Location: The University of Southampton, Southampton, UK

Date: 15-16 June 2015

Deadline: 15 January 2015 


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