Thomas Harriot Seminar 2012

Event Date: 
15 Dec 2012 to 17 Dec 2012

The Thomas Harriot Seminar (THS) exists to promote the study of the life and times of the Elizabethan mathematician and natural philosopher Thomas Harriot (1560-1621). 

Popular Fiction and the English Renaissance

Event Date: 
14 Apr 2012 to 15 Apr 2012

A Conference at Newcastle University

Space on the Elizabethan Stage, 1576-1599

Event Date: 
30 Mar 2012

Following the opening of The Theatre in 1576, an innovative relationship developed between the newly-permanent space of the stage and the physical place of the theatre. 

Renaissance Old Worlds: English Encounters from the Levant to the Far East

Event Date: 
29 Jun 2012 to 01 Jul 2012

The early modern period saw England establishing its first colonies in the New World, but its ideas and expectations about foreign nations, travel and its identity as a political and economic power on the global stage were influenced largely by its experiences in other distant but familiar nations.

The Broken Image/L'image brisée

Event Date: 
15 Nov 2012 to 17 Nov 2012

Situated strategically at the meeting point for several of the IRCL's key research axes for the coming four-year period, this conference will explore from various angles the theme of the “broken image”. 

Call for Papers: Fairfax 400 Anniversary Conference

Event Date: 
30 Jun 2012 to 01 Jul 2012

Fairfax 400 Anniversary Conference

Marc Fitch House

University of Leicester

Cultures of Correspondence in Early Modern Britian, 1550-1640

Event Date: 
14 Apr 2011 to 16 Apr 2011

A Joint Conference organised by the Centre for Humanities, Music and Performing Arts at the University of Plymouth and the Centre for Early Modern Studies at the University of Aberdeen 



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